Belle Burnell is an LA based artist who originally hails from a small mountain town in Northern California. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles she began designing and project managing for celebrity interior designer Michelle Workman. It was then that she developed a creative passion for spaces and an eye for luxury design.  

“I love anything that has to do with making an environment beautiful, working with interiors has directly influenced my art and my pieces largely consider the spaces they’ll live in.”

Belle has been creating for as long as she can remember and currently abstracts on lucite canvas using mixed media materials. Her work is expressive, passionate, contemporary and kinetic, possessing a sophistication of palette and a touch of something lux.

"I've drawn since I could pick up a pencil and it's been interesting observing how my voice as an artist has moved from being a realist with charcoal and pastel, always wanting to express on a canvas, to finding my own version of the canvas and getting to be creatively free with paint in a way I never knew I could."

Commissioned by both designers and private collectors, her work hangs on walls of homes in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York.

"It was amazing to have someone fall in love with my work the first time, it was a feeling a can't really describe, and every time it happens a part of my heart sings. Knowing someone loves something I made; that it brings them some emotion they treasure every time they see it in their home, even after years, is truly beautiful."